Complete Refinish of Hardwood Floors in Denver

First we remove and repair all scratches, gouges, damage, discoloration, and fading with a dust free sanding, then we add a new maintenance coat for extra protection.

  • Thorough Makeover:  The space is generally available for use in 2 to 4 days.
  • Update & Change: Opportunity to change the look of the floor with a new stain or sealer.
  • Repair and Resurface:  All blemishes are removed and a new maintenance coat is added to protect your floors.

Recommended every 10  to 20 years or more with properly maintained floors, or when you've acquired floors that haven't been properly maintained by the prior owner.  Call Hebditch Flooring to discuss a Complete Refinish on your hardwood floors, or visit our pricing page for general information on cost.